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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Hung With Our Own Holiday Ornaments

A man's balls should be kept furry, never shaved smooth like a woman's twat.
# The Natural Man

There are so many ways for a man to keep himself in great shape. Just do it!
# Fit For A Man's Life  # The Face of A Man

A Handsome Jack
# The Face of A Man  # The Natural Man  #Fit For A Man's Life

The fun is not over until all the spunk is locker up clean.
# Our Raging Tempest: The Male Sex Drive 

Sharing the joy of being men. 
# Join The Sausage Party  # Let's Get Naked  # A World of Men

A Man Made For Manspread
# Our Right To Manspread  # Big Hairy Dick  # The Natural Man

A Fountain of Jizz. 
The hydraulic system of our male bodies is a miracle of design!
# Blast Off  # Hard As Rock 

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