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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Through The Years: Hot Older Men

This collection of photos is my salute to hot older men, frequently and affectionally referred to as "daddies" in the gay male community.  I consider the Clan of Men blog to be a celebration of masculinity and a loving tribute to men at all ages and stages of their sexual allure.  To that end, I regularly include men in a wide range of ages in my daily posts to the blog, but this special collection highlights sexy naked men who are in what I call the autumn of life. 

I admit to a fondness for metaphors.  Metaphorically, the autumn of life is the life stage after one's young but physically mature years (which, carrying through with the metaphor, I would say runs from late spring through summer) but before the inevitable (let's not fool ourselves) physical and sexual decline of winter, when we are elderly.  The seasons of life are difficult to precisely define in years, but very generally, I'd say "early spring" covers infancy, childhood, and adolescence. The period of "late spring through summer" ranges from age 16 or so to 45, maybe even more like 50.  Once summer is over, the "autumn" lasts to about 70, perhaps even the early 70s.  Winding-down, "winter" begins at some point over 70.  This is my own perspective, of course. 

Age can be a sensitive and tricky subject, but it needn't be.  Although I see myself to be very idealistic in some ways, I am also very much a realist.  Human reality is that, unless we suffer the misfortune of a less-than-normal lifespan, we do indeed age, and our bodies age with us.  When we are no longer young men, we no longer look like young men, either.  The ageing process is very gradual, of course, and varies among individuals quite a bit.  As we age into the autumn stage of our lives, maintaining our physical and sexual desirability typically becomes more challenging as we slowly but steadily march forward to winter.  Sure, there are men out there over 70 who still have it going on, and I know a few, but generally, for most, broad sex-appeal is not really a part of one's elderly years. That's just the reality of life.

Another reality of life, at least for me and for plenty of other men who view my blog, is that the glorious creature we reverently call man can age extremely well, with his masculine sex-appeal in full magnificent bloom though his autumn years.  I passionately believe that older men who take due care of their looks by staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle often are every bit as man-sexy as attractive younger men.  For me, age itself is a very neutral consideration in whether I find a man sexually appealing.  While I've never been a "daddy chaser" -- defined as one who is particularly or perhaps exclusively attracted to older men  -- I truly love sexy men at any age and very much enjoy sex with sexy men at any age, from the young years of manhood to the very mature years of manhood.  I have always felt that way, and I am very glad I am not youth-obsessed like some people.  

With this collection, the Clan of Men honors men who have what it takes and who do what it takes to keep their man-fires burning red-hot through all of autumn.  Come to think of it, there is an expression of speech referring to warm weather in the autumn months as being "Indian Summer."  Like I said, I'm fond of metaphors, so these hot daddies are undoubtedly a dose of Indian Summer out the wazoo!  I also take this opportunity to point out that one of the many great things about being a man is that a big hairy dick is a gift you get to keep your entire life. 😜 

This collection will be periodically updated with additional photos.

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