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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Away February 21 - March 1: Naked Men in Paradise

I leave very early tomorrow morning (5:30 am flight -- eek!) for my beloved annual wintertime trip to someplace tropical, warm, and naked.  I'm vacationing with my partner, a couple of friends of ours, my dad and his partner, and some friends of theirs.  We've rented a private & secluded villa with a pool -- unfortunately not right on the beach -- but very close to several, including the nude beach, where one end is predominantly occupied by gay men.  I love hanging out naked with other guys in the warm weather at the pool, in the house, and at the beach.  It's the life, and I feel blessed!

I have my vax cards, proof of negative COVID test, and I'm all packed, so I'm ready to travel.  It sure is easy to pack for highly nude vacations.  You don't need to bring much -- just some basic toiletries & sunscreen, a hat, some flip-flops and a pair of good walking shoes, and just a few shirts and some shorts to wear in town.  

I won't update the Clan of Men blog until I return.  As always, guys, stay happy, healthy, and horny!