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Monday, April 29, 2019

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Dicks should be BIG and HAIRY.  

If they're not, you're missing the whole point.  

Quit trimming your pubic hair, guys.  If you have a little dick, trim if you want, just keep your pants on.  If you have decent dick, respect your manhood. Be a man.    

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You earned it, now swallow it. All of it. Savor his spunk. It's all man. 

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Lick his hairy ass for him, and you will have made a friend. Eat him.

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Milking a guy with a big dick and eating his spunk. Good time. 
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A Tribute to Playgirl Magazine

When I was 14, a neighbor lady paid me $20 to clean out her garage.  Before she went back into the house, she pointed to one corner of the garage with a lot of piled-up junk to be taken to the garbage.  She hastily told me I could keep anything I found that I wanted.  It was mainly crap, but I did come across a great big box full of old magazines.  The magazines on top were mainly fashion and home publications, e.g., Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, etc., but underneath, I found an abundance of old Playgirl magazines, about 30 or so in number.  A few of them were newer, from the 90's, but most were older, from the 80's and even the 70's.  As I was a very horny teenager who already knew I preferred guys, I could hardly believe my good luck.  I snuck them home without anyone knowing and successfully kept them well-hidden, buried in my bedroom closet, for years.  I still have them, in fact.  (Later, when I was about 17, my dad found out about them, but he didn't care. That's another story for another day.)

At that time in my life, I saw other guys in my own age group naked all the time, e.g., in the locker room at school, at the YMCA, in summer boy scout camp, etc.  My dad was not shy about being naked in front of me when my mother and little sister were not around, but that was only occasionally.  I had seen a few other adult men naked, but mostly, the guys I saw naked were around my age.  I went through puberty early. I was very physically mature for my age, which I liked, and I was sexually attracted to grown men, not boys.  Like most guys that age, I was very sexually curious and horny.  Those old dusty Playgirl magazines were a treasure for me.  I loved looking at the naked men, legs wide open, showing off their dicks, with their adult body hair.  I spilled a lot of loads looking at those magazines, back in the day.

Playgirl was first published in 1973, in response to the successful mainstreaming of Playboy magazine and the women's liberation movement.  It was published monthly, with only a few interruptions, until 2016.  In 1973, the first few issues stopped shy of showing full frontal male nudity, to test the waters, I suppose.  Instantly, though, readers of the new magazine began to write to the editors in droves emphatically demanding to see the full bonanza.  So, assured that restrained caution was completely unnecessary and not wanting to disappoint its new audience, Playgirl very soon began showing the really good stuff, too -- dicks and balls!  (Although Playgirl showed butts, I don't believe it ever showed men's assholes.)  At some time in the 80's, some of the men featured in Playgirl began to show full erections, with full erections becoming common for many models in the mid-90's.  In its earlier days, Playgirl got a few male celebrities to drop their pants for the camera, including Fabian Forte, Christopher George, Gary Conway, Don Stroud, Peter Lupus, and George Maharris.  After the 70's, most featured male celebrities did not show dick, with a few exceptions.

Like most printed erotica, or pornography, Playgirl lost much of its readership in the wake of the Internet.  Playgirl still maintains a subscription website, though, featuring naked men and videos, including videos showing straight sex.  The sex videos, while offering good looks at naked men, tend to be romantic fantasies appealing to women. The women stroke and suck some dick; there is usually some fucking; but mainly, the women get their pussies eaten out for a long time.

I pay tribute to Playgirl magazine, though, because of the huge impact it had on normalizing male nudity in the printed media.  While Playgirl was never something you would casually see on someone's coffee table, one could subscribe to it and have it delivered in the mail. One could purchase it at most news stands and convenience stores.  Mainstream culture was aware of Playgirl and accepted its existence as it accepted Playboy. 

A while ago, I came across an article somewhere about the history of Playgirl magazine.  I recall that while the magazine was officially marketed to women, the publishers and editors were well aware that a large part of its readership was male, particularly in the earlier days when gay porn was much less plentiful.  The magazine staff interviewed for the article also admitted that their data showed a direct correlation between sales and the size of the models' dicks.  Yep, bigger dicks sold more magazines.  No surprise there!   While Playgirl did not necessarily focus on featuring only notably well-hung men, if you look at issues across the span of years, you will notice the magazine did stop featuring men without at least decent-sized cocks.  A few of the models in the early issues of Playgirl were surprisingly shrimp-dicked.  Playgirl said it began to more consciously consider penis size when selecting models, is response to sales data and feedback from readers.

So, in the interest in history, here is just a taste! Some men are from the vintage days of the magazine, some are models who were featured in later years, and some of the most recent ones appeared on Playgirl on-line instead of print.  Some of these models have also appeared in venues other than Playgirl, including both straight and gay publications, film, or video.  Just like today, many nude male models posed for the whole circuit of publications featuring naked men, so Playgirl used a fair number of gay men and gay porn actors.  I have also recently loaded a lot more pics of guys who were not featured as the magazine's centerfold "Man of the Month" but who appeared in either a magazine or web site pictorial.  To expand this popular collection, I've also include some photos that may not have actually appeared in the magazine but are representative of Playgirl's content over the years. This collection is frequently updated. Enjoy! 

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Image result for playgirl magazine covers hung men