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Thursday, November 30, 2023

The Bearded Male: Iconic Masculinity

No Shave November:  November 30, 2023 

My only regret about No Shave November is that November has only 30 days instead of 31.  So, today is the Grand Finale of the Clan of Men's annual month-long feature of nothing but glorious bearded men.  At the Clan of Men, we honor masculine virtues every day, so there's always plenty of bearded guys in the the mix of sexy manly men pictured in the blog throughout the year. 

I conclude No Shave November 2023 with a wish to you all to live your life as the best man you can be.  Manhood is a gift.  Enjoy all that makes you a man and find that joy in your fellow man, too.   

If you like the Clan of Men blog and have not done so yet, I suggest you take a look at at A Perspective on Male Pride: An Inspiring Guide for Men.  It is my personal treatise, with a lot of hot photos, on male pride and what I see to be the very best of manhood, a subject highly relevant not only to No Shave November, but to our whole lives as men. 

Cheers, guys!  Let's have a great time this holiday season!