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Monday, December 31, 2018

This is the best way to milk a man. Pounding his prostate with your finger while you sick his dick not only makes him feel good, it ensures he'll give you a heavy load.  

Saturday, December 29, 2018

I could spend all day with my face buried in all that great stuff. 
He looks like he'd be a fun shower buddy. 

Celebrity Nude: James Wells

New Zealand actor James Wells from "Spartacus."  These images are real.  It's great when actors are ok doing scenes involving full-frontal nudity.  James Wells has no reason to be dick shy.  If I were an actor, I'd do as many scenes without my pants as possible!  LOL. 

Friday, December 28, 2018

Be The Man You Can Be: Grow Your Beard! (Volume II)

This is the second volume of the Clan of Men's very popular and much beloved  collection "Be The Man You Can Be:  Grow Your Beard!"  This ever-expanding collection features my favorite photos of sexy bearded men.  I am a lifelong and passionate pogonophile (one who loves beards and men who have beards), and this post is a continuation of the blog's original collection, which became so large over time that it became to unwieldy for a single post.  Be sure to check-out Volume I for more photos of bearded men in all their manly glory and to read a bit about why letting your beard grow is such an important part of being not only a sexy man, but a whole one.  

This collection is frequently updated, so the second volume with continue to expand.  At some point in the future , I suppose I will begin Volume III!  

Click on this link to see Volume I of this collection.  

Be The Man You Can Be: Grow Your Beard! (Volume I)