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Monday, January 25, 2021

Rear Views: Hairy Man Ass

This collection highlights the allure of a man’s ass.  While this blog is heavily focused on dicks, as dicks are my passion and the passion of a great many, men’s asses should never be overlooked.  A man’s backside is a very sexy part of his body.  As much as I love dick, sometimes I'm just really in the mood for man ass.  Man ass is fun to fuck, good to eat, and beautiful to admire.  The rear view of a sexy man where you can behold the his hole, taint, balls, and cock all at one time is a visual feast.  I like a man’s ass, by definition, to look manly -- never shaved or trimmed like a woman's pussy.  That's just an insult to manhood. 

Rear views like these are among the most intimate glimpses one can get of a n man's body.  This collection is updated frequently.