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Sunday, June 30, 2019

To know a another man well, you need to know the SMELL and TASTE of his BIG HAIRY DICK, his BALLS, and his ASS. Dig in and eat him up. 

Blast From The Past: Vintage Male Nudes

These guys were trailblazers. In the early days of erotic photography, male nudity was very uncommon. Full frontal male nudity was a sensation.  

Just like today, well hung men, in particular, were highly sought after by early photographers of male erotica.  A man with a large penis has always been celebrated as the masculine ideal, and a big dick never fails to be picture worthy.  Many of the men in this collection are some shade of well hung, but not all. 

One reason I dig vintage male nudes is,  back then, very few men altered their body hair.  Men reliably had a very natural look, which I greatly prefer.  Another reason is the nostalgic  “forbidden fruit” vibe of men posing naked in an era when doing so was considerably more scandalous than it us today.

"Vintage" is not a very precise term.  Generally, on this blog, I use it broadly to apply to any photo that conjures up an earlier time period than present day.  Some of these men are models from very early days of nude male photography, truly trailblazers.  Others I recognize as vintage porn actors or models from Colt and Playgirl magazines and other publications. Some of these photos may be more modern day, but they were probably deliberately composed in a way to have a vintage feel. Whatever the case, kudos to these guys for taking off  their pants for the camera! 

This collection is updated periodically, so if you like it, keep checking back.