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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Eat him. 

Men With BIG DICKS Are Built to Give SATISFACTION!

Most gay men have oral fixations. Yay for that!
There's no way around it. Size matters.
As hung men, we know the immense pleasure we give and get from our big dicks.
It's the way of the world.    
A classic BIG HAIRY DICK. 👍
That beautiful hairy ass needs eating.

Seriously hot guy.

A sexy ginger brother. 😊
Warm, Thick, Gooey Spunk!

Warm, thick, gooey spunk is one of the best things about being a man and having sex with other men.  Taking another man's load in your mouth, and spilling your load into another man's mouth, is hot, hot, hot.  When I am attracted to another guy, I always want to know the taste of his spunk.  I want guys who have sex with me to know the taste of my spunk, too.  Swapping cum with another man is intense male bonding. If you don't eat that spunk, guys, you're missing out. on one the most significant man-to-man experiences. 

Although not all men who are accurately described as having a big dick have a dick this large, men who have big dicks have enough meat to slap around like this with force and impact, for instance, in the palm of his hand or across someone's face.  Playfully slapping your big hard dick across tour partner's face is often called "clubbing." I find most guys really like it. 
Good looking man, with enough between his legs to keep me interested. 
Vintage photo. 
Men with Big Dicks are Built to Please!
Sex with a hung man is always best.

If you have big dick, use it to give joy to others.
Let him feast on your big meat, and then pound his ass.

Monday, May 27, 2019

I'd take this one for spin. 
Suck his BIG HAIRY DICK, but 
Don't Ignore His BALLS!
Smelling, licking, and sucking his balls is part of treating him right.


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Get Naked With Your Mates!

I tremendously enjoy being naked outdoors, particularly with other guys.  I go to a lot of nude pool parties, nude camp grounds, nude beaches, you name it.  If I can get naked and let it swing in the sunshine and fresh air, I'm there!  Social nudity among clansmen is the norm.  Real men are never dick shy.  Guys should learn that when they're young men. 
Related image

Nice size, and nice fuzzy balls.  Lick, from tip down to hairy hole.  And, yeah, I want to guzzle his load. 
I know I have posted this one before, but I really like it!  Taking a shower with a BIG HAIRY DICK, your own or another guy's, provides a great opportunity for amusement and admiration.  Even I don't make myself spill, unless I am in particular hurry, I almost always take the time to play with my dick, at least for a minute or two.  I love having company in the shower, as it is so much fun washing one another!