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Monday, August 31, 2020


This is what it was like at home for me when I was growing up.
I was one lucky son-of-a-gun! 






The Meaning of Male.


Heads and Tails. Handsome! 


The Natural Man is the Manly Man.
Only girly guys shave their junk.




“Grrr Woof


Sunday, August 30, 2020


That's right.  Spread those cheeks and dig in.






Man Milk.
Creamy & Delicious.


One of the very few ways I have not eaten ass.
I will have to try it!


Do it to me.  It feels so good. 





Remembering All Those Times You Saw Dad Naked

Whether you're gay, bi, or straight, getting a look at your dad naked is a rite of passage for a young maturing man.  You see the man you will become. When your dad has a BIG HAIRY DICK, and you take after him, you know you are blessed. 

Here's to all the dads out there who are, or were, free and easy about being naked in front of their sons.  A dad teaching his son not to have hang-ups about nudity is a gift that will last a lifetime.  Dads who show their sons, by leading through example, to take uninhibited pride in their unrestrained masculinity are the best dads.  It's a loving act of male bonding.   




Saturday, August 29, 2020


All Man.




Our calling cards in life.



We gingers have pink dicks.
I tell guys to think of mine like a great big strawberry popsicle.