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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Men of the World: A Tour of Our Planet Earth

This planet Earth we all share is home to various races and ethnicities of mankind. While this statement is hardly a bold observation, topics relating to such differences can be fraught with sensitivities and controversies owing to a host of historical, cultural, and political reasons.  The intent of this post is purely positive, though.  This collection depicts and honors the physical diversity of men representing regions from around the world.  

To that end, the simple national boundary lines of a world map do not consistently or adequately provide a good basis for the racial & ethnic distinctions commonly made.  Races and ethnic groups very frequently reside in more than one country. Worldwide human emigration and varying degrees of intermingling between races and ethnicities in some parts of the world complicate the matter further.  That being said, the all-around best way to organize this "Men of the World Tour" is debatable.  As a side note, I limit the discussion to males, in keeping with the blog's focus on men, although obviously all the world regions include females.

These photos are organized into very broad groupings of world regions and countries and generally represent most of the men living in the those places. Commonly made distinctions in color are also used to help define the groups, but I am well aware this is imperfect. Simple color distinctions do not adequately identify the rich ethnic and cultural diversity of mankind. Such an aim would be far too complex an undertaking for this post.

So this is it, the CLAN OF MEN world tour!  You can bring snacks & drinks, if you want, but leave your pants at home! 😏    

# A World of Men 

 Men of Europe, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

Commonly referred to as white, these men originate in Europe.  Because of massive emigration from Europe beginning centuries ago during times of colonization and imperialism, in today's world, white men also significantly populate parts of the world other than Europe.  Men of European descent vary a lot in the color of their hair, eyes, and skin, with men with roots in northern and central Europe generally being fairer than men from southern Europe. As a group, men originating in northern European countries are the tallest men in the world, with the Dutch statistically being the tallest.    

Men of Mexico, Central & South America, South & West Asia, 
and Far Northern Africa 

This broad grouping of men sharing brown coloring is very ethnically and culturally diverse.  It includes men of Hispanic descent, men from the Arab lands of the world, as well as men from India. In the countries commonly referred to as  "Latin America," many men men have a mix of ancestry from the Iberian peninsula (Spain & Portugal) and the indigenous people of the Americas. Some of these men look as if they could be from southern Europe, e.g., Spain, Italy, and Greece,  with distinctions based purely on visual identification difficult to make. Men from the Mediterranean area of the world, which includes men from southern Europe, Far Northern Africa, and the "Mid-East" are said to be hairiest men in the world.      

 Men of Africa

Because of the deplorable historical world legacy of slavery, black men with origins in Africa also significantly populate the U.S.A., nations of the Caribbean islands, and parts of South America.  Like men of European origin, black men, as a group, are tall, but normally are less hairy than white men and the hirsute men from the Mediterranean and Mid-East.  A common myth is that black men, as a group, are sensationally hung, which is not quite true.  Studies do indeed consistently show that black men of African descent statistically boast the largest average erect penis size of all men, but the difference between black men and white men of European descent, the second-place winner in the penis Olympics, in reality, is only a fraction of an inch. That's not to say there aren't big black dicks out there, as there are big white and brown ones, and whatever color they are, they're grand!     

Men of East Asia and the South Pacific Islands

At one time, in western culture, men from "The Orient" world region were commonly referred to as "yellow" in reference to the more sallow tone of their complexions compared to white, brown, and black men.  In current times, using the term "yellow" is widely considered disrespectful, so I do not use it here other that for this historical notation.  These guys typically have slight builds and grow much less facial & body hair than other men.  As a group, by a significant margin, East Asian males have the smallest genitals of all, with an average erect penis size well under five inches.  Mandarin Chinese is the world's language with the largest number of native speakers.