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Monday, July 29, 2019

BIG HAIRY DICK. Let it swing. 

Generally, I prefer color photographs over black & white, as one sees in color.  Black & white photos can be artistic and dramatic, though.  I like this one both ways. 


Sunday, July 28, 2019

My kind of camping.  If you are a guy with a BIG HAIRY DICK, you are made to be a nudist, and it's a crying shame if you're not.  Get naked and let your big dick hang free.  It's the Clan of Men Way. 
I've always been able to talk to my dad about anything. On Saturday morning, after my mother and sister left early to go shopping, I was just hanging out with him in his room while he read the morning paper.  I worked up the courage to tell him that I'd been curious for a long time now to know what he looked like totally naked.  So, he laid back on the bed, let me strip off his underwear, and let me explore his body.  I took off my underwear, too. My dad is so cool.  
I really like the way guys look in basic white briefs. Often referred to as "tighty-whities," they are what my dad wore when I was growing up and what I grew up wearing, too. Although I always prefer being naked or free-balling whenever I can, when I wear underwear, I wear tighty-whities. Like the jock strap, tighty-whites are a traditional male classic. 
All man.  Woof! 
When he was a baby, he sucked his mama's big soft tit for his nourishment.  Now, he gets what he needs from his dad.  Sucking dad's BIG HAIRY DICK and feeding on his man milk gives him both solace and joy. 
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Regards, and keep those big dicks swinging! 
The Clan of Men