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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The Well Endowed Man: Does Penis Size Really Matter? The Plain Truth

The best short overall answer to the question of whether penis size really matters is yes. That, of course, would only surprise someone ill informed and out of touch with reality. However, the relevance of the size of a man’s endowment is a topic that gets a lot of attention and warrants more discussion than an abbreviated bottom-line answer to a simple but important question. 

Perhaps a fairer response to this question about penis size  is that the answer depends on who you ask and in relation to what.  Individuals, after all, have their own perspectives on every and any topic.  And, strictly in the context of human reproduction, a man's penis is large enough as long as he can successfully complete sexual intercourse with a female. 

Fair or not, though, it is very clear that the size of a man's penis matters significantly, even greatly, to a great many.  By overwhelming margins, both men and women are much more likely to find a large penis more aesthetically pleasing and sexually titillating than a small one.  A man's penis is the holy grail of his male sex, and the larger his penis, the more manly he is beheld. Throughout all of human history, the well endowed man has been seen as being at the top of the food chain.  In the modern world’s increasingly open sexual landscape, that’s even more true than ever before.

Men with big dicks are admired, respected, envied, and pursued.  Men with small dicks are denigrated, pitied, and disregarded.  Well-hung men are instinctively proud of their big dicks, whereas men with small ones are instinctively ashamed.  Men with average sized endowments are safely somewhere in the neutral zone, with their other physical and non-physical features bearing heavily on their overall masculine desirability. 

If men were given a choice in Christmas presents between an expensive new suit or another inch on his dick, nearly all men would be returning to the office after Christmas wearing their same old suits, but with very big grins on their faces.  You can even substitute a new car for the new suit, and all the men driving to work in their beat-up cars would be singing to themselves gleefully.  Yes, the size of men's dicks matters to most and, within human parameters, the bigger, the better.        

Statistically, according to all reliable studies, the vast majority of adult human males have erections measuring between 5 and 6.5 inches, with the numerical average being 5.2 inches.  As a very socially and sexually active gay man in my mid 30s, I have literally seen thousands of fully hard cocks, and my own observations are consistent with this data.  I will point out that the numerical average of 5.2 inches is based on world-wide data that includes men of East and South Asian origin, which causes the data point to be lower than it would be if these men were excluded.  Excluding the men of East and South Asia, I would say a full 6 inches is an accurate numerical average for erect penis size.  You may read more about “Soy and the Infamous Asian Curse” at  

So, if you sport a 7-incher, you can consider yourself hung, but not sensationally so.  You're driving a nice model, but so are a good number of other men out there.  If you have 8 inches, you are very impressively hung.  A man with a 9-incher has serious bragging rights.  Any man with much more than 9 inches is truly phenomenal. 

Discussions of penis size typically focus on length, where there is greater human variation, as opposed to circumference or girth.  However, girth is also a factor affecting the appeal of a man's cock and the categorization of its size.  The average circumference of an adult erection is 4.7 inches.  As in length, bigger is always better, and so a notably thick dick is a very positive attribute, and a notably thin one is a negative attribute.  I believe one can accurately describe a penis that is very thick, but only of average length, as large.  Having a long penis that is not at least of average girth is very unusual, and I find many long ones are also relatively thick.  In the general population, one sees many more short fat ones than long skinny ones.

The "showers versus growers" debate is valid to some degree, but only to a small extent.  Dicks that are remarkably large when flaccid are almost always remarkably large when erect. Conversely, remarkably small flaccid penises are almost always small when hard, too. Dicks that appear of average size when soft are usually pretty average when hard, as well, although a few will surprise you, in either direction.

And, of course, there is the whole matter of testicle size, too, which also factors into a man's masculine valor.  Like penis size, big balls are desired, and small ones are not. Testicles are oval-shaped, and the average size for an adult male is 4 x 3 x 2 centimeters.  It is not uncommon for one testicle to be slightly larger and for one to hang slightly lower.  Medical professionals actually measure testicles in term of their volume using an instrument called an orchidometer.  An orchidometer is basically a series of different sized balls that are compared to the size of the testicle, with the most closely matching ball determining the testicular volume. The normal range for testicular volume is 12 to 30 milliliters, with 18 milliliters being the statistical average.  In my own considerable experience, I find that the size of men's balls vary from man to man quite a bit. Men with small dicks are also likely to have small testicles.  You find notably large balls on both average-hung and well-hung men, but large balls are some more prevalent among men with big dicks. 

Other than for East Asian men being small, I find that no other common stereotype regarding penis size is observably true.  Race & ethnicity (except where noted), height & build, size of hands & feet, etc., are not good predictors of a man's penis size.  There is a legend of sorts of "Big Black Cock," or BBC for short, but I have seen many black guys naked and erect, and I find that BBC is largely (no pun intended) a myth.  Sure, there are black men out there with really big dicks, and I've seen some, just as there are guys of other races out there with big dicks.  Most black men -- like all other men, except for East Asians -- have average-sized erections.  Sadly, I know a large number of black men with average-sized dicks who like white guys and who suffer from a fair amount of anxiety because they feel too many white men believe the BBC myth and are disappointed with reality.  While most credible studies on erect penis size do indeed consistently show that black men of African descent, on average, have the largest dicks, the difference between them and white and hispanic men, on average, is only a small fraction of an inch.  So -- bottom line -- generally speaking, if you are in search of Big Dick, I assure you that you can never really know for sure about the size of guy's dick until you see it, although if he's Asian, it is safe to bet the odds that he is probably small. 

To be completely straightforward, the Clan of Men blog does not hide its disdain for little dicks.  Whereas I do not dislike men with small penises, I admit I find them sadly unmanly and sexually undesirable, whatever other admirable traits they may have.  The Clan of Men blog celebrates the masculine ideal, and therefore I post a lot of photos of well endowed men. However, there is no shame in a man having an average sized penis, and I also post a lot of  photos of men with average endowments who are plenty sexy.  If you are lucky enough to own a whopper, then I say be grateful for it, be proud, and enjoy all the fun that comes with having a big dick. To men reading this who have respectable endowments, but who do not swagger among the elite, take heart.  Sure, if you had a big one, that would be really nifty, but appreciate that fate did not curse with you with a little dick. Even without a big dick, you can be a proud  and masculine man.  To guys with little dicks, truthfully, I struggle to paint a positive picture for you.  I guess just try make peace with it and find contentment in the aspects of human life that don’t involve your penis.  

My Own Pride & Joy

Undoubtedly, my position of the importance of penis size is at least partly shaped by own circumstances and experiences. I am a proud well-hung man, pleased with my near 9-inch length, 6-inch girth and large balls. I grew up with a close and relaxed relationship with my dad, who possesses the same endowment, never displayed any qualms about same sex nudity, and set a strong example of male pride.  While I prefer sex and fraternization with other well endowed men, having a big dick is not all that matters to me. For instance, when choosing a sex parent. I would pick a handsome and fit guy with a 6-incher over an unattractive and out-of-shape guy with a 9-incher any day of the week.  Despite all this attention devoted to penis size, in the general population, most men have average endowments.  If I were to restrict myself only to sex with other hung guys, I would be having much less sex than I have, and I wouldn't be nearly as happy.

For easy reference on comparative erect penis size, here is some worldwide data. Not all available data sets are 100% consistent with one another, but generally they agree pretty well.  Like I've said, already, I personally have seen thousands of erect penises, and my empirical observations generally agree with this data, as well. Keep in mind, though, this data includes all men, including men form East and South Asia, so I believe the world data points run smaller than what sees in other parts of the world. 

Conversion Chart From Centimeters to Inches

XXL: 8.5" and over
XL: 7.5" to a tad over 8"
L: Over 6" to a tad over 7"
M: 5" to 6"
S:  4" to not even 5"
XS: Not even 4"

A Dose of Reality In Regard to Penis Size:
  1. Big dick pride is natural. Men with big dicks are instinctively proud of their manly endowments.  While one does not have to be a jerk about it, most of us guys with big dicks swagger through life with the male egos you would expect. 
  2. Some choices in life are easy.  In choosing a sexual partner, pretty much everyone prefers a man with bigger dick over a man with a smaller one.
  3. Of course, men are judged by the size of their penisesWhenever people see a guy naked in person, photo, video, film, or wherever, their eyes immediately go to what he has between his legs. Whatever the situation, when a man's dick is viewed by another, its size is scrutinized and evaluated.  Perhaps openly.  Perhaps very discretely.  For a man, having a big dick is not all that matters in life, but a man with a big dick is revered by most, and a man with a small one is viewed unfavorably by most. 
  4. Life is not always fair.  Most men have normal sized dicks; some are issued small ones; and some are blessed with big ones.  You've got what you've got.  No amount of wishing or working-out can change it.  

The Small Endowment

The Average Endowment

The Large Endowment

The point of all the narrative and photos in this post is to thoroughly and candidly present the relevance of penis size and to explain — as self-evident as it probably already is — why “The Well Endowed Man” is a recurring and bedrock theme for blog. But it would be highly remiss of me not to assert here, by way of wrapping it up, that while big dicks are a big part of the show at the Clan of  Men, it’s not just Big Dick, it’s Big Hairy Dick. A man who mutilates his natural pubic hair by excessive trimming or shaving has no place at the Clan of Men, even if he is hung.

A visit to the Clan of Men blog is a first class trip to Salami City, where the Big Hairy Dick rules with manly magnificence and it's always party time. Enjoy the sights! 

# Big Hairy Dick

The Well Endowed Man: A Gallery 

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