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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Soy and The Infamous Asian Curse

Studies about penis size repeatedly show that, as a group, males of East Asian origin have significantly smaller genitals than other males. Not to purposely deride Asian men, but based on my own observation, the stereotype that Asian men typically have very small penises and testicles is highly accurate. This is true of men from anywhere in East Asia, not only Korea.

I went to Tokyo once on a free pass with a friend who worked for an airline to keep him company over a long weekend and tour around a bit.  While we were there, we went to one of the bathhouses. OMG.  I have never seen so many small tallywackers in one place in my life. The Japanese guys stared at me and my buddy like we were from another planet.  I also once spent a week in San Francisco, and while I was there, worked out at the gym down the street from my hotel.  I saw a lot of Asian guys in the locker room. OMG, same scene.  I occasionally see Asian guys at the gym at home, too, and OMG, same scene.   

I recently read something interesting that may explain why Asian men get the short end of the stick, so to speak.  Traditional Asian diets are very rich in soy.  Soy and soy-derived products have  something called "isoflavones" that affect the human body in ways very similar to estrogen, the female hormone.  A diet rich is soy can be beneficial for the bones, the heart, and even the brain.  However, credible medical research suggests that for males, particularly developing males, a soy-rich diet causes weak secondary sexual characteristics.  (Secondary sexual characteristics are those physical traits that develop at puberty which distinguish the sexes. For males, these traits include increased muscle mass, growth of facial and body hair, lowering of the voice, and enlargement of the penis and the testicles.)  Objectively, Asian men, compared to adult males of all other races, tend to have slighter stature, sparser facial and body hair, higher-pitched voices, and yes, smaller junk. 

If you google this topic, you will see there is no solid medical agreement.  Nonetheless, if you are the  father of a son, if I were you, I'd keep him away from a lot of soy.  As an adult male, I suggest being mindful of your soy intake, too. Yikes.       

Tragic.  Men, do not let this happen to your sons!  Don't risk it, keep your boys from eating or drinking products that contain soy.  You want them to grow up to be big and strong, with decent sized genitals.  You should avoid soy products, too, if you want to stay manly as you age, as your testosterone levels naturally become lower.  There is also a lot of creditable medical research showing that soy-rich diets are bad for men over 50, increasing the likelihood of "manboobs" and soft erections.  Logically, a little bit of soy won't hurt you, but it is in more things than you might think.  Soy is used as an additive in a lot of processed foods and is frequently used as an emulsifier in chocolate and other foods.  If  you pay attention, though, one can buy products that don't contain it.  Read the labels!

If you have a son,
don't you want him to mature into a real man?

Don't you want to stay manly & sexy,
with a strong boner, as you age?

Stay a man & help your sons become men.
It's the right thing to do.

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