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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Work That Body: Physical Fitness & The Man

Being a man is awesome.  Living the life of a man is awesome, too, but living the best man's life also carries some responsibilities.  Broadly, such responsibilities involve spiritual, communal, physical, and other aspects of our masculinity.   In respect to the physical piece, one important responsibility for all of us men is to respect our manhood enough to keep our magnificent male physiques in good physical condition.  Keeping fit is healthy for body and soul.  Keeping fit sets a positive standard for yourself and your fellow men.  Keeping fit supports our esteemed masculine ideal and, undeniably, makes us much sexier men. 

Body types, anatomical attributes, lifestyles, athletic abilities, and other personal circumstances vary, and certainly, these factors all shape one's own potential.  Whatever one's circumstances, though, most men -- in the absence of genuine & unresolvable physical impairments or advanced old age -- are capable of possessing some version of a fit manly physique.  Keeping fit generally requires a regular course of sufficiently strenuous exercise and a proper well-balanced diet, which further requires time, effort, focus, and willpower.  It's not easy, necessarily. The benefits of the commitment to keeping fit, though, are well worth it to any man mindful of his own self-respect and, not to mince words, to any man interested in looking good naked. 

To be clear, I am not asserting here that a man is flawed unless he spends hours every day at the gym, pumps his body full of toxic steroids and growth hormones, and boasts a jaw-dropping physique that makes him look like a cartoon super hero.  Neither do I wish to outright "body shame" any man in poor physical condition.  I do very much believe, though, that some type of a desirable manly physique is within reach for most men.  As humans with free will, we can build our own lives to include realistic and achievable physical fitness goals, and in doing so, we become better men more able to fully enjoy all that manhood can offer.  True, some men find keeping fit to be more challenging as they age into their middle years and beyond, but I strongly caution against any man using this bit of reality as an excuse to passively let himself deteriorate into a soft fat blob.  Men's bodies can look great for a long time if they keep working at it.  

"Fit For A Man's Life" is one of the bedrock themes on the Clan of Men blog. The vast majority of photos posted to the blog are of men who are physically fit and who have some version of an attractive male physique, whatever the particular body type.  These photos in this collection all have a unifying theme of physical activity and fitness.  However you do it, work that body.  Keep fit. Stay healthy. Look good.  Be sexy.  Be the man you deserve to be.  As I state over and over again throughout this blog, manhood is a gift to be prized and nourished.  Physical fitness should be a part of every proud man's life.         

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