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Saturday, February 17, 2024

The Masculine Flourish

Beard, Muscle, Cock.  The Best of Man.
# The Face Of A Man  # Fit For A Man's Life  # Big Hairy Dick

Because Any Real Man Has Hair On His Balls
# The Natural Man  # Big Hairy Dick  # The Face of A Man
# A Movement To Preserve Our Foreskins

Kilts make it so fast& easy for men to show off their dicks.
Thanks to Scotland for figuring that out centuries ago.
# Join The Sausage Party  # A World of Men  # The Face of A Man

1970s Vintage Charm
"Wall-to wall" plush carpeting went out of style, but a big hairy dick has always
remained the best fashion choice for a man!
# Big Hairy Dick  # Hard As Rock  # The Natural Man
# Our Right To Manspread  # Fit For A Man's Life

All Natural Men.  All Natural Fuck.  All Natural Hot.
# Our Raging Tempest: The Male Sex Drive  # The Natural Man
# The Face of A Man  # Big Hairy Dick

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