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Sunday, February 18, 2024

It's Sunday, So Get Your Naked Man On!

That's a small mug of coffee, but that's all that's little here.
That's a pretty dick. 
# Big Hairy Dick  # The Face of A Man  # Let's Get Naked
# Fit For A Man's Life  # The Natural Man
# A Movement To Preserve Out Foreskins



Work Out Buddies
I work out at a gym, and have since I was a teenager, but during the pandemic, I did very much like working out naked at home when my gym was closed!
  Wherever and however you get your exercise, the Clan of Men enthusiastically advocates physical fitness, because all men should look good naked. 
# Fit For A Man's Life  # Let's Get Naked  # Join The Sausage Party
# Big Hairy Dick  # The Face of A Man (left) 

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