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Thursday, February 22, 2024

All The Way

Life. Take it on.
We're men, and we've got all we need. 
# The Face of A Man  # Fit For A Man's Life  # The Natural Man
# Big Hairy Dick  # Our Right To Manspread

Rock Pamplin, Playgirl Magazine, May 1976.
# Vintage Stud  # Let's Get Naked  # The Natural Man  # Big Hairy Dick
# Fit For A Man's Life

Pubic Hair and Foreskin All Intact
An Unmutilated Man
# The Natural Man  # Big Hairy Dick  # Hard As Rock 
# A Movement To Preserve Our Foreskins

# Let's Get Naked  # Join The Sausage Party  # Big Hairy Dick
# A Movement To Preserve Our  Foreskins
# Fit For A Man's Life

This guy reminds me of Shaggy from the old Scooby Doo cartoons.
I've don't recall ever seeing Shaggy with as much of a beard as seen in cartoon where he's eating a sandwich, though.  Maybe I missed that one, but I like it! 
 In the cartoon on the nude beach (not a real one from the actual show, of course) Shaggy is well-fixed & manly, while poor Fred got the short end of the stick and a tragic shave job to boot.  Fred understandably looks very unhappy about it! lol
 # A Wink & A Grin  # Illustrations of Man  # Not All Men Are Created Equal
# The Face of A Man  # Hard As Rock

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