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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

The Top of The Mountain

The Invitation of an Open Door and a Big Hairy Dick
# Big Hairy Dick  # Fit For A Man's Life


So handsome!
# The Face of A Man

A Big Load From A Big Dick
# Blast Off  # Big Hairy Dick

As has often been said, "If a good body came in a bottle, everybody would have one."
For a man, time spent at the gym is tile well spent.
# Fit For A Man's Life  # Big Hairy Dick

A handsome set of low-hangers, not shaved smooth like a little boy. 👍
The Natural Man

# Our Right To Manspread  # Big Hairy Dick  # The Face of A Man 
# The Natural Man #Let's Get Naked

# A World of Men  # Big Hairy Dick  # Fit For A Man's Life

This one is a fur bomb. 
# Big Hairy Dick  # The Natural Man

Cum eating done right
 # Our Raging Tempest: The Male Sex Drive  # The Face of A Man  

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