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Sunday, December 31, 2023

The End and Beginning of Another Man Year

Today is New Year's Eve.  We reflect on the departure of one man year and the arrival of another man year.   

Not to be deliberately hokey, but I proffer, once we pass through our childhood and adolescence, all the years of our lives can be thought of in man years.  How we devote our time, energies, and other resources is ultimately a choice we make, and how we utilize our best manly attributes in our pursuit of achieving our full potential as men is a big part of that choice.  A very important tenet of the Clan of Men is the steadfast belief that how we choose to live our lives as men, particularly as men who love other men and who revere hallmark masculine traits, should be a choice we make very consciously and very wisely.  The old and new years keep going and coming, and they are filled with all the myriad things that compose human life.  Our world always has its troubles, and few lives are without imperfections, but those of us who can and who do experience the unmitigated joy of being men and of being with other men are living our lives very wisely, indeed.  May the coming new year bring us all the best that manhood can offer!          

A Toast To The New Man Year
# The Face of A Man  # Fit For A Man's Life  # Big Hairy Dick   # The Natural Man
# A Movement To Preserve Our Foreskins

Looking Ahead To Another Great Man Year
# Let's Get Naked  # The Face of A Man  # Big Hairy Dick
# Fit For A Man's Life  # The Natural Man
# A Movement To Preserve Our Foreskins 

Much Better Than Champagne!
Our Raging Tempest: The Male Sex Drive 

Taking The Bull By The Horn
# Blast Off  # The Face of A Man  # Big Hairy Dick  # Our Right To Manspread 
 # The Natural Man  # Hard As Rock

That Daddy Smells Just Like A Man!
# The Intoxicating Scent of Man  # The Face of A Man # The Natural Man
# Through The Years  # Fit For A Man's Life

No Confusion Here About What's Important
# Big Hairy Dick  # Hard As Rock  # The Face of A Man  # The Natural Man 

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