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Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas from The Clan of Men

Today is Christmas Day, a day of supreme joy throughout much of the world.  As I say many times and in many ways throughout the Clan of Men blog, I view manhood as a cherished gift.  Cognizance of that gift and a determination to make the most of our manhood can greatly enrich our own lives and the  lives of other men.  As human beings, our lives have multiple facets of joy, of course, but I hope all of my fellow clansmen experience the joy of being men and the joy of being with other men today in some extra special way.

It may be corny, but it's never meant to be glib: I conclude with the traditional Clan of Men Christmas wish. 

May Your Christmas Be Bright & Merry,

and May All The Dicks In Your Life Be Big & Hairy. 

Wishing You A Very Manly Christmas. 

I realize personal circumstances vary, but if you can, let's all celebrate at least part of the day today with our handsome dicks on full Christmas display.  For men, they're always our best holiday finery!

🎵  Rocking Around The Christmas Tree 🎵
# Join The Sausage Party


Beefcake for Christmas
# The Face of A Man  # The Natural Man  # Big Hairy Dick 
 # Fit For A Man's Life  # Hard As Rock

I've been a bad boy, Santa, but that's a good thing.
# The Face of  Man  # Big Hairy Dick  # The Natural Man
# Fit For A Man's Life  # A Movement To Preserve our Foreskins

The Way To Watch Your Favorite Christmas Movie
# Let's Get Naked  # Big Hairy Dick  # The Natural Man # Fit For A Man's Life

It's always been our favorite toy, and just not at Christmas. Play with it all you want.
# Blast Off  # Big Hairy Dick # Fit For A Man's Life  # Hard As Rock

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