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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Let's Share Our Toys and Play


Man to man, so much better than a handshake or a knuckle bump!
# Join the Sausage Party

Every man should know how good he tastes and know it's too good not to share. 
# Our Raging Tempest

The only guys who have a pass to hide under their towels in the locker room
are those who have an unfortunate reason to be unhappy.  
A man has manly confidence. 
# Let's Get Naked

Chew it up!
# A Movement To Preserve Our Foreskins

The full natural bush is always the best look on a man.
Trimming back one's pubic hair does not make a man's dick look any bigger, and let's get real, the only men who should be concerned about that anyway are the ones with the little dicks.
Confident men don't feel the need to mutilate themselves.  
# The Natural Man  # Big Hairy Dick

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