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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Illustrations of Man: Naked Men in Homoerotic Art

The term homoeroticism refers to sexual desire for or between members of the same sex  -- the actual desire itself, in contrast to the term homosexuality, which more precisely refers to a more permanent state of someone's sexual orientation or personal identity.  As an adjective, the word homoerotic is commonly used to describe any artistic expression, such as paintings, drawings, sculpture, poetry, or literature, that intentionally invokes homosexual yearning.  Homoeroticism in art may be subtle or not at all subtle.   

Homoerotic art can be visually realistic in it's presentation of the male form, such as a portrait or a traditional painting or sketch of the sort one might conceivably see in an art museum.  Some pieces are highly stylized, such as a line drawing, an impressionistic rendering, or a cartoon.  A lot of homoerotic art exaggerates or aggrandizes our desirable classic masculine physical features -- such as strong chins, square jaws, and prominent brows; muscular physiques; manly hirsuteness; and, of course, large genitals --  sometimes to the point of pure fantasy.  I truly appreciate both artistic endeavors, both the more real and the more fantastic.  The fantasy stuff can be fun and very sexually titillating for those guys who have the mindset to get off by it.  I can be in that mode sometimes.     

I love, love, love naked men -- in person, in photographs and video, and also in artwork of any kind. To assemble this collection, I've consolidated images I've sporadically shared in past posts and included a lot of new content, as well.  The Clan of Men blog will continue to focus primarily on sharing photographs of sexy and real naked men, but I've been meaning to add a gallery of homoerotic art as one the blog's features for a long while.  This collection will be periodically updated.  I hope you enjoy these sexy homoerotic illustrations of the sublime creation called MAN!           


CNN news anchormen Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper 

Actor Adrian  Pasdar

Actor Ben Affleck

Actor Burt Reynolds

Golden Age of Hollywood Actor Carry Grant

Actor Jon Hamm

A Son of Scotland on a windy day. 

Actor Jon Hamm

Actor Ryan Gosling

My kind of German Oktoberfest. 

Fun Day in Scotland

Actor Michael Fassbender

Actor Alec Baldwin 

Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble from the 1960s cartoon The Flintstones

Fred and Shaggy from the early 1970s cartoon Scooby-Doo

Art reflects life, as men with beards and big hairy dicks are the kings among men.

While I've always liked images of mermen, at the same time, a depiction of a man without a dick is so tragically disturbing. I prefer this merman who is anatomically correct. 

Golden Age of Hollywood Actor William Holden

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