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Thursday, August 31, 2023

Let’s Get Naked: Naked Men in The Great Outdoors

I've always loved the sensation of being naked anywhere outside, whether it be at a beach or a lake or swimming pool, in the mountains or the forest, at a campground or on a hiking trail, or even simply in my own or a buddy's backyard.  The sunshine, the fresh air, the vegetation, and earth below our feet all combine to form a natural setting for we men to be, well, our most natural.  Oddly, this delightful experience of being naked outdoors is somewhat paradoxical in that while it feels (and is) so natural, it can simultaneously feel extraordinary, even exotic.  That's because most humans have been conditioned by the modern world to expect nudity to be limited to indoor and perhaps even solitary spaces.  Well, fuck that! 

At most of you who pay attention to this blog know, the Clan of Men philosophy asserts that men should get naked whenever and wherever possible, although I certainly acknowledge that constraints do indeed exist in many of life's normal public situations.  However, as good clansmen, we should all support men seeking, creating, and taking advantage of every opportunity to be naked under the big blue sky, with our God-given perfect male sex unshrouded by clothing, our man-defining dicks and balls hanging and swinging freely and proudly in the wide-open garden of nature.  It's a blissful state of mind, too.  Letting the unrestrained force of your masculinity commune with the elements of nature as it is also an element of nature is psychologically centering. With other men, being naked together without being boxed by a ceiling and walls is richly fraternal and manly.  

Sometimes, you have to travel considerable distance to get a nude beach or a nude campground, but it's worth the trouble.  Most nude beaches have areas where men tend to congregate, and men-only campgrounds and resorts are to be found in a variety of locations.  In some places, you you can throw caution to the wind and seize a favorable set of conditions to strip naked and commune with nature, even if only for a little while.  At a minimum, as long as you have a sufficiently private yard, you can go outside and roll around in the grass and bask in the sun.  Better yet, invite your buds over for naked pool time if you have a swimming pool or host a man-meaty naked backyard BBQ or very cock-a-doodle-doo naked alfresco happy hour.  As a ginger, I have to be careful about too much sun exposure, but that's why there's things called shade, sunscreen, and a hat if you need it.  Don't let being fair deter you.

So, guys, answer the call of the wild!  Being naked in the great outdoors is natural, liberating, man-sexy, and a whole lot of fun.  This collection will be periodically updated.         

# Let’s Get Naked 

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