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Sunday, April 30, 2023

The Intoxicating Scent of Man

In the animal kingdom, sex pheromones are chemical signals released by an organism to attract sexual partners.  While humans are highly dependent upon visual cues, when in close proximity, smells also play a role in sexual attraction.  Odorous pheromones are produced by all three types of skin glands -- apocrine, eccrine, and sabaceous.  The skin produces pheromones all over the body, but they are naturally the most heady in the armpits and the groin.

Just like most cats are affected by catnip, while a few may not be, male sex pheromones can cause different reactions among people.  For those of us who truly love men and all things masculine, the natural smell of the male body has the power to make me and other men sex-crazed.  On a guy I find visually attractive, whiffs of his sweaty armpits can make my cock rock-hard in about two seconds.  I also love the way a guy smells between his legs, particularly the underside of his cock and his balls!  The sex organs and the armpits are where a guy's masculine scent is the most pervasive and the most unique to him.  Futhermore, as long as a man's butt is clean, his ass does not smell like shit, it just smells like the male body.  Experientially, our olfactory and gustation senses (smell and taste) are closely related, so what smells good also often tastes good.  So, I say lick armpits, suck dicks, lick balls, and eat ass ravenously, as doing so is feast for all the senses.   

Very few people like the sour stench of someone with poor personal hygiene.  I certainly don't.  However, for most of us, I believe, the natural smell of a man, unmasked by colognes, underarm deodorants, and fragrances in many personal hygiene products, is intoxicatingly potent on our libidos. Some men, unduly influenced by advertisements for hygiene products and perhaps by cultural norms within their own circles, believe they should use deodorant or antiperspirant under their arms.  It is a personal choice, of course.  I don't wear deodorant or antiperspirant myself because I find it totally unnecessary.  I usually shower twice a day -- in the mornings and either at the gym after working out, for sure, or before bedtime, depending on what my evening was like.  Unless one suffers from a hormone, gland, or other problem of some sort, sweat really only stinks on dirty bodies or when it becomes very stale.  On a "normal" guy with good daily hygiene, the natural musk of his underams and groin smells very manly and very sexy.    

If you insist on using deodorant or antiperspirant as part of your daily grooming routine, I suggest you forgo it when you anticipate having sex or at least wash it off beforehand.  A nose full or a mouthful of Right Guard is always disappointing and unpleasant for your partner.  I have the same advice for men who regularly wear cologne.  Women often like their men to smell like perfume, but men sexually interested in other men usally prefer a man to smell like a man, not like an amalgamation of manufactured fragrancing agents from a bottle.       

Without any debate, not only do guys with their natural body hair fully intact look more manly and sexy, they also smell more manly and sexy.  A man's body hair harbors his scent, the richly masculine smell of his sex. Without the presence of adult-onset body hair, the body's ability to retain sex pheromones produced by the skin is severely compromised.  Whether particularly hirsuite or not, men who mutilate their natural body hair by shaving or over-trimming self-inflict serious damage to their sex-appeal.  They look and smell less like a man.       
This collection will be updated peridically  While centered mainly on men with prominently featured bare armpits, you will see plenty of other good stuff, too!  The uniting theme is the allure of the male scent, and the selected photos suggest the heavenly aroma of sexy man.  I wish there was a way these photos could be scratch-and-sniff.  (lol)   Alas, there are limitations, so we will have to use our imaginations.  

Let's inhale one another's masculine scent.  Let's get drunk on it.  Take good, long, hard whiffs of me, and I will bury my nose in all your deliciously heady parts, too.  It makes me insatiably horny.  It makes me want you all the more. 😉 
# The Intoxicating Scent of Man


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