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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Men in Motion: Big Swinging Dicks

As an ardent fan of the male anatomy, I can assemble a very long list of all the things I love about our bodies.  On that list is the manly way our dicks and balls, as the peacocky appendages they are, naturally move with us when we are in motion.  And what captivating motion!  When unrestrained by snug-fitting garments, our signature male parts swing and flop and bounce around liberally and pendulously.  When erect, our dicks lumber about like logs, whacking and thudding and smacking anything in their path.  It's a titillating exhibition.  The more heft there is between a man's legs, of course, the more substantial and impressive the show.  This free-moving "to and fro" of our revered male genitalia is as natural & comfortable as it is visually appealing.  It's yet another reason why, as men, we are at our happiest and our best when we live our lives as gloriously naked as possible.  So, guys, let's all let everything swing.  Our boys are wild horses that want to run jubilantly free!  

This collection will be periodically updated. If you like it, keep checking back for more.  

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