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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Our Male Sex Drive: Sucking Dick. It’s Primal Instinct

It's safe to say that nearly all men love having their dicks sucked.  Maybe there are few guys out there who don't, but I've never ran across one, and it's hard to imagine how any guy would not love it. The physical sensation of warm wet mouth sliding up & down on your erect penis feels exqusitely wonderful, and the erotica of your very manhood being orally worshipped by another is psychologically titilating.  For men, receiving a really good blow job is among life's greatest sensual pleasures.

We gay men are particularly fortunate because gay men generally suck dick so much better than women, owing to our innate love of cock, our unbridled enthusiasm for cocksucking, our larger & more accommodating mouths, and our well-trained diminished gag reflex earned from the solid & steady experience of doing what we naturally love. Sure, there is perfetcted technique in the art of really good cocksucking, but most of the skill to be acquired is a matter of simply following our instinct to gluttonoulsy feast on that which is the most highly revered and and most primary feature of our male sex.  

In my opinion, a golden rule of hot man-on-man sex is that a man should give as good as he gets, and in respect to sucking dick, this principle is paramount.  We know how good it feels, and we know how to make another man feel good.  For those of us who have big dicks and/or who have sex with men who have big dicks, we certainly appreciate that larger penis size can present more of a challenge to many, but I find motivation leads the way.  As a cocksucker, I've learned my away around a big dick, and as a  well-hung man, I'm glad to find guys sucking my dick ardently engaging whatever extra effort is involved.    

So, guys, let's suck some dick, with all the carnal gusto so charateristic of our male sex drive.  Our zealous desire is more than just a passion. It's a primal instinct.  

This collection will be updated periodically.  

# Our Raging Tempest: The Male Sex Drive

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