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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Joyous Male Bonding: Join The Sausage Party

Much is written about how many aspects of modern culture complicate, or even discourage, sufficiently healthy emotional bonding between males.  Very briefly, a synopsis is some traditionally masculine values -- such as competitiveness, strength, self-sufficiency, rationality, emotional reserve, and vigilance -- can serve as barriers to deep male bonding.  Studies also suggest, for many adult men, the demands and expectations created by modern work and family life often do not allow them to devote time and energy to build and maintain true friendships with other men.  The same studies suggest this dynamic is less true for women.  In respect to women, some studies go further and actually state that women often, either consciously or subconsciously, behave in ways that do not support their husbands or significant others maintaining deep friendships with other men.  They prefer their men to focus their efforts outside of earning a living exclusively to home and family, even when they devote time and energies to friendships with other women.  Interestingly, some studies also propose that contemporary heterosexual male norms, which have evolved in overreaction to men not wanting to appear gay in this time of increased gay awareness, suppress natural fraternal behaviors with other men commonly accepted as normal by previous generations.

While I hardly consider myself to be an expert on this subject, I will say I generally observe there to be some truth in this notion of today's challenged male bonding.  I also believe that self-accepting gay men, for obvious reasons, are far less likely than straight and closeted gay men to suffer from the lack of quality bonding with other males.  I am very grateful for many things in life, but certainly among my blessings is the joy of unrestrained male camaraderie.  As gay men, our community has its own challenges, obstacles, and battles.  However, our ability to easily, freely, and openly bond with other men is not only a need, it is a liberty for which we and other gay men before us have fought.  It is a great blessing we should all mindfully cherish. 

Not to be naive or hopelessly romantic, I know much of the gay liberation movement and gay male culture is more centered on explicit sexual expression and pursuit.  Certainly, male bonding is undeniably fueled by the intimacy and ecstasy of man-on-man sex, and a great big hallelujah and whoopdeedoo for that!  I also certainly don't deny that the chief focus of the Clan of Men blog is sex and physical desirability, for the sake of fun and entertainment.  However, in addition to the blog's boner-producing content, I want the blog also to celebrate the gratifying and beautiful connection to one another we all can share.  It's for the taking, and it is joyous.      

I don't believe this will surprise anyone (lol), but I also wholeheartedly find bonding between males is dramatically enhanced by being naked together.  With or without elements of sexuality, mutual nudity is a long-established, powerful, and natural catalyst to forming deep human connections.  I think this is very true for both straight and gay men.  For instance, military organizations and many sport teams have traditionally used mutual nudity to break down psychological barriers and to build esprit de corps among their members.  For many gay men, myself included, the predisposition to get naked with other guys anytime and anywhere possible is something that comes as natural as breathing.   

I host and attend many pool parties during the warm months, as well as other types of gatherings throughout the year, where all the guys know they're welcome to get naked.  Most do get naked, without hesitation.  I find some gay men, though, can be surprisingly shy about social nudity, particularly in larger groups, for a variety of reasons.  I always say to each his own and every man should follow his  heart, and I mean it.  In my opinion, though, guys who are unnecessarily bashful about social nudity are choosing to live on the sidelines.  I genuinely very much enjoy the heightened and richer fellowship that naturally ensues when guys "drop trau" together. I won't lie, though.  I also really like seeing all the handsome dicks! 😉  The give-and-take of "you show me yours, and I'll show you mine" has served as a vehicle of male bonding since the dawn of time or, at least, since the advent of clothing.  One should never underrate the significance of cock in male culture.   

For this collection, I've selected photos I find sexy, but many are not overtly sexual.  Some photos include soft sexual content, such as men showing affection, men with erections, or men engaged in what I call "light horse-play," such as fondling or jerking off together, representative of joyous male bonding.  The main vibe of the collection is men just hanging out together, as couples or in larger groups, being happy, friendly & loving, free, naked, and manly. 

This collection will be updated periodically.

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  1. Nicely worded piece about male bonding. Cannot help but agree with your thoughts about the masculine need for male time together. Beautiful pics as well, nicely curated.
    Thank for your effort putting something like this together.

    1. Thank you, James, for your kind and thoughtful words and for taking the time to comment on this post. You made my day! I will continue to add photos to this collection that fit with the topic, which we both see as a significant one. My write-up is only a brief discussion of a deep subject, of course, and the Clan of Men blog benefits from readers like you sharing their insights.

    2. James -- you inspired me to add a bit more to the narrative. Thanks again.