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Monday, November 28, 2022

No Shave November Beards of the Day: November 28, 2022

Look Like A Man.  Live Like A Man.

Every day this month, to celebrate No Shave November, the Clan of Men blog will exclusively showcase bearded men to commend the whiskers that naturally grow on our faces, in man-glorious contrast to females and sexually immature males. Truly, our beards are one of our physical attrubutes that make us men.  As truly, without any room for argument, our beards complete and perfect our masculine sex-appeal.  A man with a beard looks like a man and lives like a man.  

Are you proudly bearded?  

Help us celebrate No Shave November by sending your photo to  Nude or semi-nude photos, face only photos, or even partial face photos are all great, as long the photo shows-off your handsome beard! Anonymity assured.  

You may read more about beards and see a large collection of sexy bearded men at the Clan of Men's highly popular post Grow Your Beard  . 

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