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Sunday, July 31, 2022

Men of the World: A Tour of Our Planet Earth

This planet Earth we share is home to various races and ethnicities of mankind. While this statement is hardly a bold observation, topics relating to such differences can be frought with sensitivities and controversies owing to a host of historical, cultural, and political reasons.  The intent of this post is purely positive, though.  This collection depicts and celebrates the physical diversity of men representing regions and ethnic groups from around the world.  

To that end, the simple boundary lines of a world map do not consistently or adequately provide a good basis for the broad racial & ethnic distinctions commonly made.  Worldwide human emigration and varying degrees of intermingling in some parts of the world complicate the matter further.  The groupings  I used to organize this collection are sufficiently logical to me, but others certainly might organize it differently.  Admittedly, these "buckets" as titled are neither fully inclusive nor very precise in respect to the myriad nationalities, identifiable regions, and ethnic groups that make up this great big world where we live.  Such an undertaking would be a too formidable task for what is just a fun & sexy blog.  Nonetheless, regardless of how it's organized, this smattering a decent sample of our male world, adequately representing the range of racial and ethnic groups.  

So this is it, the CLAN OF MEN world tour!  You can bring snacks & drinks, if you want, but leave your pants at home! 😏           

Men of Great Britain & Ireland, Scandinavia, Northwestern & Central Continental Europe, and the "Anglosphere" Countries of the United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

Men of Southern & Mediterranean Europe 

Men of Latin America

Men of the Mideast & Arab Countries and South Asia 

Men of Non-Mediterranean Africa

Men of East Asia and the South Pacific

Men Indigenous to the Americas

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