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Monday, November 1, 2021

It's No Shave November! November 1, 2021

November 1 is the beginning of No Shave November. This worldwide annual event has it's roots as a drive to support cancer patients, but over time, it has also morphed into a campaign to encourage men everywhere to grow their beards simply for aesthetic reasons. Men with beards are hot as fuck, and the world is a sexier place with more of them!  

Anyone familiar with this blog knows that I am a passionate pogonophile, defined as someone who is fond of, or loves, beards.  Accordingly, here at THE CLAN OF MEN, No Shave November is a big deal.  You can read more about my thoughts on beards (and see some seriously hot men) on my very popular post:  Grow Your Beard . (Click on the link.)

As last year, to celebrate No Shave November and highlight the masculine glory of the bearded male, THE CLAN OF MEN will run a month-long feature focusing exclusively on bearded men.  I always enjoy receiving photo submissions from guys who read my blog, so if you are proudly whiskered, I invite you to send me your photo for posting. Whole or partial face shots, whole or partial body shots, clothed or naked -- all are are welcome, anonymity assured. Send photos to 

As I always say, Get your beard on, you sexy beast! 

Without Man, There is No Beard.

Without Beard, There is No Man.



Brotherhood of the Beard.
Live like a MAN. Look like a MAN.

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