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Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Clan of Men Way

The Clan of Men Way is a commitment to the masculine ideal.  It is a shared perspective on manhood. It is a lifestyle.  As clansmen, we celebrate and uphold a male culture of fraternity and manly attributes.  While the Clan of Men Way is primarily relevant to gay men, our values also may speak to our brethren who do not necessarily identify as gay men.  All men who share our values can be clansmen. 

  • We find strength and joy in one another.  Bonding deeply with other males, in mind and body, makes us better men. 

  • We accept and understand our natural desires as men. These desires provide a positive and constructive force in our lives. 

  • We take care of our bodies. Very simply stated, we want to look good naked, and we do. 

  • We reject manscaping.  We see the excessive removal of a man's body hair as a ridiculous affront to natural male maturity.  It is peculiar and effeminate.  Not all clansmen are notably hirsute, but whether we are particularly hairy or not, we keep our body hair natural.  You may read more about manscaping at

  • We openly acknowledge the cultural, physical, and sexual significance of a man's genitals.  Candidly, of course, size matters.  For time immortal, a man's penis and testicles have represented male virility and power.  What hangs between a man's legs is the literal and figurative center of his manhood.  Undeniably, "bigger is better" in respect to a man's cock and balls, as a large endowment advances the masculine ideal.  However, a man with an average endowment is worthy and respectable by the standards of the Clan and is without shame.  We view an erect penis of less than six inches as regrettably tragic.  You may read more about penis size at

  • We are not bashful.  We are completely at ease naked, and most of us prefer being naked in situations conducive to nudity.  Casual and social nudity among clansmen is normal.  While we understand some men who are bashful about their naked bodies are victims of repressive upbringings, we know most of these man are simply insecure, unmanly, and pitiful.  

  • We are sexually adventurous, uninhibited, and skilled.  We are not sexually possessive of others.  We want to "sing the body electric," and we want the same for our fellow clansmen. In regard to sex, we give as good as we get.  Our strong and healthy libidos lead the way to good times for ourselves and others.  

Do you belong to the Clan of Men? 
I hope so!

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