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Monday, January 13, 2020

The Jockstrap

The athletic supporter, or jockstrap, is a classic male undergarment traditionally worn for sports and other athletic activity, such as working-out or running. The purpose of a jockstrap is to provide adequate support to male genitals while allowing less bulk and greater freedom-of-movement during exercise than regular underwear.  Another key purpose is to provide sufficient control over the flopping and bouncing of the penis and testicles that naturally occurs when a  male is engaged in vigorous activity, so to preserve modesty in circumstances where modesty is warranted.  Styles range from the very basic model -- with an added hard cup for high-contact sports, such as football -- to "fashion" versions in a variety of colors and modifications to the original design.  Some men prefer jockstraps to underwear (such as briefs or boxers) for their more minimal coverage, finding them cooler and more comfortable under their pants.  I often prefer jockstraps over other underwear myself, although I also like classic white briefs (a.k.a., "tighty-whities"). I usually free-ball, unless an undergarment is clearly warranted.   

In recent years, jockstraps have become less customary among men engaged in routine physical fitness activities.  I wear a jockstrap whenever I am at the gym working-out, as I indeed find jockstraps are more comfortable than other undergarments and are necessary to prevent my dick and balls swinging too provocatively underneath my light-weight nylon shorts.  (I admit to occasionally not wearing a jockstrap under my shorts when I go for run if I am looking for sex, as all the heave-ho is very effective advertisement! LOL) I prefer the basic standard-issue white or off-white elasticized jockstrap for it comfort and time-honored masculine appeal.  At the gym where I work-out, I estimate that only about 25% of the guys wear jockstraps, with most favoring either their daily underwear or long compression shorts under their work-out shorts or sweatpants.   Things have away of changing over time, of course, whether one likes it or not, but I personally don't like this trend away from the classic jockstrap.  I think guys look their best naked, but even so, guys in jockstraps are sexy as fuck.  A fit man in a jock strap who has a nice ass, a good-sized dick, and good-sized balls is a classic male image projecting virility and athleticism.  And, yes, the pouch of a well-worn jockstrap acquires a strong ripe male scent that is nothing less than heavenly.  

I will take this opportunity to plug a great on-line store for purchasing jockstraps, including the traditional I style I like best.  No, I do not have any shares in this business, I am merely a very happy customer.

Jockstrap Central.  It's in Canada, in the Toronto area.
Let's hear it for men in jockstraps!  Woof!

Yours, The Clan of Men. 


  1. the best jock blog i've ever seen.....

    1. Thanks for your comment, davidk! Jockstraps are man-traditional and man-sexy! Thanks for looking at The Clan of Men!