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Friday, January 10, 2020

Celebrity Nude: Alexis Georgoulis 

I first saw Greek Actor Alexis Georgoulis in the British TV series The Durrells, which aired 2016-2019 and was set in the late 1930's on the Greek island of Corfu.  He starred as Spiros, a taxi driver and the handsome local friend of the Durrell family.  In the Greek film Avio Tha 'Nai Arga  (Too Late Tomorrow, in the English translation), Georgoulis did a sex scene which showed glimpses of full frontal nudity. 

While the facts and details are unclear, he apparently posed for some nude photos which were supposed to be private, but one was somehow leaked and is floating around the Internet.  Skeptics claim the "leak" was a deliberate publicity stint designed to draw attention to Georgoulis, particularly now that The Durrells is no longer in production.  Whatever the case, what is important is that Alexis has a big dick!  I liked him on The Durrells, but now that I know he has a big fat torpedo-shaped Greek wiener, I like him even more!  It's always great when a good-looking man has the nice big dick he deserves to have, and such a disappointment when he doesn't. Salute! 

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