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Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Locker Room: Dicks, Dicks, and More Dicks!

Locker rooms -- at schools, gyms and fitness centers, athletic venues, country clubs, public swimming pools, or  wherever else-- have long been a significant element of male culture.  For many guys, locker rooms are the foremost place where they regularly see other men naked and experience the fraternity of group male nudity.  Even for straight men, seeing one another naked can be a bonding experience that advances friendship and promotes cooperative engagement with one another in a wide variety of fronts, such as team sports, military organizations, or the workplace.  Historically, locker rooms provide safe places for men to discretely evaluate the bodies of other men and make comparisons to their own.  Most men, regardless of their sexual orientation, are interested in seeing how other men are fixed between their legs. It is just male instinct.

I was involved is sports when I was in school, and I belonged to the local YMCA when I was kid, too.  My dad worked-out at the Y, and he got me interested in physical fitness at a young age. These days, I work-out at least four times a week and, presently, I belong to two gyms. One is downtown in the city where I live, near where I work.  The other is close to my house.  Although this arrangement costs me to two gym memberships, I like the convenience and the variety.  Based on my considerable experience, I would say some locker rooms are more busy than others; some have a more more openly friendly clientele than others; and there are often varying norms in respect to how many guys wrap their towels around their waists when they are not actively changing clothes or showering versus how many guys there are who are free and easy about being naked. 

In both of the gym locker rooms I use, as well as all the locker rooms I have used throughout my life, one can easily observe consistent patterns of behavior among the guys there.  One of the most obvious patterns of behavior is exactly what anyone would suppose.  Guys with big dicks are not shy about being naked in front of other guys and typically take the opportunity to show off their endowments, however nonchalantly.  Conversely, guys with little dicks try not to be viewed, sometimes quite pathetically.  Sometimes, guys who are fixed well-enough but who have very poor physiques act very bashful in the locker room, too.

As a well hung man with a good body, I am very comfortable being naked in the locker room and never try to hide in a corner or beneath a towel.  I admit that I rather enjoy letting the other guys look at me when they want to look.  All the guys similarly disposed see this free and easy attitude in one another, of course, and we often exchange knowing smiles.  Men with small dicks look at the better hung guys, but they tend to avoid making eye contact. 

Even in gym locker rooms without a lot of gay men among the clientele, I almost always can meet other guys interested in "hooking-up" if I am so inclined.  I have had sex with more "straight" married men men I have met at gym locker rooms than I can possibly count.  That's not unique to me, of course.  Far from it. Bisexual or "bi-curious" men have used locker rooms as their hunting ground for finding man-to-man sex "on the low down" for the ages.  I don't mind!  These guys often don't get gay sex too frequently, and they usually are horny as hell. 😈

Dick, dicks, and more dicks!             


When guys see other guys acting weirdly modest in the locker room, we all assume they must have little dicks.  This is, in fact, almost always the case.  But, if for some reason, you are dick-shy in the locker room, and you have an okay dick, you should know that is what everyone is thinking about you.  

Drop the towel, buddy, and be a man!

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