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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Through The Years: A Chip Off The Ol’ Block

As I believe is very clear in this blog, in respect to physical attraction, I like guys who look like men, not ones who look too boyish or girly.  That’s not to say I don’t like young men, though, as I find men very sexually desirable in a wide range of age, as long as they meet the basic criteria of being reasonably handsome & fit, with decent-sized dicks, and with body hair preferably left natural or at least not over-trimmed to the point of looking silly. I am a passionate pogonophile (one with an affinity for beards and bearded men) and a lot of young guys sport beards these days, which totally rocks for me and goes a long way in “manning up” a young man who otherwise might look too boyish for my tastes.  

As a man in my mid 30's pushing 40, college-age guys look "young" to me these days. lol.  As a very general working definition, I consider “young  men” to be men in the 18 - 22 age range. On the Clan of Men blog, I include photos of young men in this age range who look manly & sexy, but never "twinkish."    

When I was a young man, people very often described me as a “chip off the ol’ block” because I greatly favor my dad. I always liked the expression, so I playfully use it here to tag sexy young men aged 18 - 22 who may very well take after their sexy dads. This collection of photos is a part of the blog’s “Through The Years” theme celebrating our lifetimes as sexy men.  In that theme, be sure to check out the blog’s collection of hot older men. As sexy masculine men, we can enjoy a long run, from our young years to our very mature years, if we make it so. 

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