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Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Best in Eating Ass: Hairy Holes and Hairy Faces 

Having my ass eaten by a guy with a moustache & beard is the best.  His facial hair feels so fucking great in my ass crack and on my hole.  I don't shave or trim my ass, and it's such a titillating sensation for him to lick, suck, and tug my curls while he is eating me.  Similarly, when I eat man ass, it's always such a big turn-on for men when the guy's hole is furry.  I love playing with his ass hair and making it dripping wet with my mouth and tongue.  Whenever my face is buried between a guy's ass cheeks, I know how to put my moustache & beard to good use to brush and nuzzle his ass and make him feel wonderful. 

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