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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Story Time: Finally Seeing Dad Hard

That's right, son, go ahead and pull 'em down and get a good look at my big hard dick.  I'm the reason you have a big dick, too, and I know you're grateful for that.  I've always been proud that you inherited my big fat cock, and you know that, too.  You have a beard now, so you're finally old enough for me to let you play with my dick, just like you're always wanted. Oh, sure, I know all about that, always have, so relax.  I imagine you've been sucking a lot of dick since you left home last year for college, so now you can show your dad how good you are at it.  I bet none of your buddies have a dick as big as mine, though, and you need to learn how to suck big one.  Son, I want to see your whiskers down in my pubes and your chin on my balls.  You're gonna swallow my load, too.  All of it.  But, fair is fair, and I'll suck your big dick and eat your spunk, too.  Yep, I've been playing with other men on the low-down for years.  I know all about how we can have a whole lot of fun together.  You're also gonna eat out my hairy ass.  I'm gonna eat yours fist, though.  I love big hairy dick and hairy hole, just like you, son. So, lets get naked and get busy. 

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