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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Milk Him. Make Him Give You A Huge Load. 

Even when a guy does not want to be fucked, a finger or two up his ass makes him feel really good.  Work your way in deep, and gently massage or lightly pound his prostate while you jerk him.  This is a fun way to play with a hung man who isn't into getting fucked or has a really tight hole.  When you milk a guy like this, he is guaranteed to get a very intense orgasm, and you are guaranteed to get a huge load from him.  You can start sucking his dick right before he climaxes, so you eat his warm spunk right straight from the source. You can always just lick it up after he shoots, too, if you prefer the visual of him unloading in front of you.  I love having this done to me, and I love doing it to other big-dicked guys.  This is always a great way for two hung tops to play together.

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