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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Lose The Swimuits!

All Men Pool Parties! 
Lose the Swimsuits, Guys!  Let's Get Naked!

Yours truly. I am ready to play, so bring on the summer!
Summer is around the corner.  As always, I am looking forward to all the upcoming pool parties.  For me and so many of my friends, pool parties are the big social scene in the summer.  Pretty much every weekend, someone I know is hosting a pool-centered soiree.

I have been invited to an early pool party this year, on Easter weekend, by some guys I met last summer.  The weather forecast for next Saturday is sunny and 80 degrees --that's Farhrenheit, here in the U.S. -- which is decent pool party weather for April.  If their party is like the one I went to at their place last year -- and I am sure it will be -- guys will start out wearing swimsuits, but most everyone will be naked within a couple of hours or so.

I have a swimming pool, and I host pool parties all summer long, in bashes of various sizes.  I usually throw one really big one with about 80 guests, at least three about half that size with about 30 to 40 guests, and many much smaller & more impromptu get-togethers with anywhere from about 6 to 15 guys. This year, I am throwing my big party in late May, on the Sunday of the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  Like the party I am going to next weekend, we start out wearing swimsuits, but most guys get naked after a couple hours.  My pool parties always go well into the evening hours, and as you would imagine, a large group of naked, horny, and liquored-up men typically find a lot of ways to amuse one another.  LOL.

This big party I throw every year is the only pool party I host where my guests even start out wearing their swimsuits.  The relatively small number of guys I invite who are dick-shy come early and just leave when suits start coming off.  These are guys I like, despite their bashfulness, and it would be socially awkward for me to not invite them.  As you would expect, the guys who don't want to take off their suits, generally speaking, either are not in the best of shape or have little dicks.  I understand how they would be be too self-conscious to enjoy hanging naked with a lot of other men who have appreciably better bodies and bigger dicks.

For all other pool parties I host, I explicitly state in the invitation that "swimsuits are unnecessary and discouraged."  If a guy ever actually showed up in a swimsuit, I wouldn't rip it off of him or ask him to leave, but everyone always promptly gets naked upon arrival.  For these pool parties, I more selectively invite guys who I know enjoy group nudity and, admittedly, who look good naked.  I always tell guys I invite over to feel free to bring friends with them if  they want, and without ever having to specify it, no one ever brings along someone I would describe as physically unattractive.  Don't take this to mean that I only invite men who are unequivocally gorgeous and bull-hung.  Truly, I am not that shallow.  I like the way most men look naked, as long as they're not fat, don't have tragically small dicks, and haven't shaved off or heavily cropped their pubic hair.

Some of my pool parties primarily keep the relaxed vibe of guys just "chilling out" naked together.  Others get very frisky.  Most of the small pool parties I host -- the ones with 6 to 15 guys -- are fully intended as "play" parties, and the guys who come over are looking to romp.  Sometimes the sex play stays in the pool or poolside, sometimes it moves into the house.  Whatever the case, we have a GREAT time! 😎

I love being naked, and I love being naked with other guys at the pool. Whether it's just chilling out & relaxing together or enjoying one another sexually & getting off, the pool parties of summer are some of the best times of my life.

Sweet, sweet summertime is almost here!  So, lose your swimsuits, guys.  Get bare-assed and let your dicks swing!

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