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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Men! Let's Wrestle!

Wrestling in the nude is a time-honored tradition among males since ancient times. The Greeks and the Romans are credited with elevating it to a true sport, which involved rules and symbolic rituals.  Much more informally, for time immortal, guys have been stripping down to nothing or next to nothing to rough-and-tumble with other males.  For heterosexual men who are not totally straight, wrestling can provide a outlet for them to experience the intimate, male-to-male, physical contact they naturally desire in a situation that is comfortably athletic, competitive, and less overtly sexual than other activities they would enjoy.  For many men, the desire to playfully wrestle in mock combat with other men is pure male instinct.  For a guy, wrestling with his dad, brothers, or best buddies can be a richly meaningful part of his upbringing and coming of age.  Without the pretense of clothing, wrestling naked with other men is raw, powerful, and intensely male.  So, grab a mate -- or maybe two or three, if you wish -- strip down to your birthday suits and start wrestling!  Hard dicks allowed and encouraged.  It's perfectly ok to smell, lick, or put in your mouth anything you find in your face.   


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