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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Our Male Sex Drive: Cum Eating. Guzzle It Down!

In Good Man-on-Man Sex, Men Eat the Semen.

Guz·zle (verb) - meaning: to eat or drink (something) greedily.

Semen. Sperm. Ejaculate. 

Spunk. Cum. Jizz. Jizm. Jazz. Splooge.

His load. His wad. His blast. His seed. His juice.

To unload. To nut. To cream. To spill. 

Man milk. Daddy sauce. Schlong jelly.

The list of what you might call it using a clinical, vernacular, or even poetic term goes on and on, limited only by one's imagination and gifted turn of phrase.  I usually say spunk, because that's what my dad has always called it.  I also sometimes say jizz or cum.  I do rather like man milk, though.  LOL.

Whatever you call it, it's very important stuff.  It is essential to the male reproductive system. It is rich in symbolic meaning to male virility and to a man's life force.  If you're a man who is sexually into other men, it's way hot.

Speaking for myself, I can't get enough of it.  His. Mine. I want it.

Warm. Salty-sweet and a little pungent.  Gooey, sticky, creamy, milky.  I just want it. 

I like sex with other guys who guzzle spunk like I do, and I find most do.  Eating spunk is right up there with eating ass.  It's just something men should do for each other as part of the man-on-man sexual experience.  Like eating ass, some sexually inexperienced men may be hesitant at first and need only to loose their inhibition.  A few men are are just too sissy, but I generally don't waste my time on the unmanly guys who I don't expect to treat me right.  A good thing about having a big dick is that on the rare occasion when I find myself getting friendly with someone who is inhibited or otherwise seemingly reluctant to take my load, I can almost always coax him into it because he really wants my dick.  That may satisfy my immediate desire and stroke my ego, but sex is always best when the guys who are with one another have a genuine appetite.

Spilling your load into guy's warm mouth and watching him as he sucks you dry and eats your spunk makes for an awesome time, plain and simple.  As a cocksucker, when your partner explodes into your mouth, and you take his big stiff dick and all his juice down your gullet, it's just as awesome.  What's more, cleaning-up and feeding the spilled spunk to one another is sweet, sexy, and fun.  Sloppy, wet, cum kissing is the perfect finale for men who have busted their nuts together.  I admit to being very sentimental about semen. Once another guy has swallowed my load, and I've swallowed his, I feel a deep and joyful man-to-man connection like no other.  

Honor each other.  Celebrate being men.  Fully embrace the male sex.  Love his spunk, as he loves yours.  Guzzle It Down.  

This collection is updated frequently.  Prepare yourself -- it's a real spunk fest.  Eat it up! 

# Our Raging Tempest: The Male Sex Drive 


  1. How horny can you get? Congrats to whoever compiled this.It's just the best collection.I love it man!

    1. Thanks for viewing my blog and giving me your feedback. I am glad you really like this particular collection. I am seriously into cum eating, both on my blog and in my sex life, whether I'm feeding my load to someone or swallowing one myself. Real men eat each other's spunk, and this collection is also a favoite of mine and may of the guys who visit the Clan of Men blog. We get VERY HORNY here.