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Saturday, January 26, 2019

A Man Eater Knows Himself: Men Sucking Their Own Dicks & Eating Their Own Loads

Are you a man eater hungry for a man?  One of the many great things about being a man is that, when necessary or just for the fun of it, you are made to be able to satisfy your own appetite. You've got the parts.  

Sucking or licking your own dick takes some practice, but if you're sufficiently limber, not overweight, and have a big enough dick you can get it your mouth.  It won’t be the best blow job you’ll ever get, but the feeling of accomplishment is hot.  I learned to suck my own dick when I was a teenager, and it's still fun today.

If you’ve never tasted your own cum, then try it.  You'll like it. Or, at least, you should!  In good man-on-man sex, in my strongly held opinion, all the involved parties hungrily eating up the spill afterwards, which certainly can include your own contribution, is part of the hot fun.  When you're alone, and you need to unload, eating your own spill is the natural finish to jerking off.  Scoop it up, and lick it off your fingers.  Shoot it into your mouth.  Just don't waste your spunk. It's warm  It's gooey.  It's salty-sweet. You made it.  It's you, man, and it's the best you.  

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